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Bashaw Concrete Plant/Crusher night scene

Reference material is available on this page for download. Most, if not all documents are in PDF format. You will need a pdf viewer to read them, if you do not already have one installed.  You can download one from either recommended viewer below, they are both FREE for personal use.

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Cubic Yard Cheat Sheet
Bacterius Data Sheet

Required For Private Sewage Permits

Septic Tank Data Sheet
CSA Certification
Effluent Filter (4 inch) Specs
Effluent Filter (6 inch) Specs
Operation & Maintenance Manual

Tank Diagrams - Septic Pump Out

750 Gallon Pump out Model 750-96
1110 Gallon Pump out Model 1110-09
1675 Gallon Pump out Model 1675-14

Tank Diagrams - Septic Holding

525 Gallon Model 450-08
1050 Gallon Model 750-96
1200 Gallon Model 900-88
1450 Gallon Model 1110-09
2000 Gallon Model 1675-14


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