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Manhole Extensions

Manhole extensions manufactured at Bashaw Concrete Products Ltd.Manhole extensions are installed on top of the tank to bring it up to ground level and allow access to the tank when needed. They come in heights of 6 inch, 1 foot, 2 foot and 3 foot. They are 30" inside diameter and 36" outside diameter, allowing enough room for a ladder and man to enter the tank. The delivery driver has a selection of all sizes with him. Each joint of an extension must be sealed with Butyl tape.

Butyl Tape

Butyl tape is an extruded flow-resistant tape that provides an exceptional seal between concrete locking out ground water and moisture. This is essential for septic tanks to reduce run time of your effluent pump and not saturating your septic field.

Manhole Lids

Manhole cover lids are a 36" outside diameter. Lids are designed to fit Bashaw Concrete manufactured manholes which are 36” outside diameter and 30” inside diameter. The bottom on the lid is not flat. The center area of the lid is slightly lower than the edges, allowing the lid to recess inside the ring of the manhole. This design allows for a more secure fit on the manhole, also helping to prevent slight bumps from dislodging the lid.

Replacement Manholes & Lids

We have replacement pieces for your septic tank should you ever have a problem where something has been damaged. Have a really old tank with a two foot square lid? We still make the extensions and cover lids for them as well.

Effluent Filters & Handle

Filter housing inside tankPrivate Sewage Regulation (Alberta) requires an effluent filter to be installed with every septic tank. The filter slides into the housing and needs to be removed and cleaned on a regular basis.

Insulated Cover Lids

Another requirement of the Private Sewage Regulation (Alberta) is an insulated cover lid. The insulated cover is held by gravity inside the manhole just under the concrete cover lid and can easily be removed when needing access to the tank.

Bacterius #2

Bacterius #2 naturally degrades organic solids that can form in septic systems and drains. It will digest grease, oils, toilet paper, protein, hair and organic waste. It is a safe dried powered bacteria and comes in water soluble pouches that can be easily flushed down the toilet. Contains no harsh chemicals, solvents, caustic or acids. Safe to handle and safe for all plumbing, tanks and drains.  Download the information sheet here.

  • Prevents clogging of weeping fields
  • Reduces sludge build up in septic tanks
  • Enhances the stability of waste treatment systems
  • Rapidly restores troubled septic systems
  • Controls bad odours associated with septic systems
  • Greatly reduces the need or frequency of pumping
  • Efficiently degrades grease, papers and phosphate based soaps

Sumps - Garage Sumps

  • 220 gallon sump size:  6’6” x 3’4” weighing approximately 4500 lbs
  • 27 inch garage sump available with an inlet/outlet, both inlet & outlet or no inlet or outlet. Size:  27” x 27” x 27”

Please call for pricing and availability.

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